Teal Bootcamp – A workshop series to leap into new organizations

Traditional management paradigm is getting outdated. It fails to support collaboration and innovation in today’s complex and dynamic world. We need new thinking, new structures, new culture and new behavior – new ways to organize around work.

Join a brain- and soul-twisting journey of renewal into a new leadership paradigm.

Rethink Organizations

Should we concentrate on people or profits? Neither. You want to have them both. A well-functioning business and well-being people are tools for being able to focus energy on something that is truly meaningful for us all.

A modern organization is a networked ecosystem of passionate people in a continuous state of evolution and renewal. It is fluent in sensing and making sense of its changing surroundings and itself. It can  naturally adapt to changes and thrive in complexity.

The color “Teal” symbolizes the next stage of organizations. More and more companies are navigating their ways into these bossless, more human and more meaningful organizations.




An organization operating from the Teal perspective is able to combine productivity, well-being and responsibility. Teal organizations tend to be clearly more productive and innovative than organizations based on traditional leadership.

What is Teal Bootcamp?

Teal Bootcamp is a learning process of a series of eight short and active workshops, where new ideas are applied directly into practice. In bootcamp sessions, we leverage experiments to glue the new thinking and real life together. The results of the experiments are reflected together with the other participants and you will be able to learn from the daily struggles and breakthroughs of peer organizations navigating their way on their teal journey.

At the Bootcamp you’ll find skilled facilitators and colleagues from other interesting organizations sharing the challenges. By participating, you will not only get outstandingly impactful workshops but the whole community to support the change in your organization.


Jussi Markula

Jussi Markula


As a passionate serial entrepreneur, Jussi wants to help people and organizations flourish.  He wants to help build purpose-driven and humane organizations inspired by teal, lean and agile perspectives.

Jussi has been a coach in over a dozen of teal transformations in Finland and has a solid experience on the related challenges and possibilities. He has trained hundreds of people in teal thinking and practices. Jussi is the co-founder of the Teal Finland community and translator of the book Reinventing Organizations into Finnish language.

Jussi values sustainability, collaboration and maximizing the potential of organizations  for the highest possible positive impact.


Bootcamp consists of an initial kick-off day and  seven two-hour workshops held every two weeks.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 15 people.

The online workshops will be held at Zoom and the live workshops in the Helsinki Center. 


The price of Teal Bootcamp is 1900 € + VAT.

The satisfaction of previous Bootcamp participants gives us the courage to promise your money back if participating doesn’t bring you value.


Interested in participating, but the payment plan needs more flexibility? Feel free to contact us to inquire about options.


Each bootcamp is its own unique experience. The majority of the content is created by the participants. In addition to Teal thinking, the topics covered have been e.g. leadership, organizational structures, self-direction, meaningful working life, co-development, collective intelligence, intrinsic motivation, systems thinking, etc.

Custom Bootcamp for Organizations

Some organizations prefer to have an own tailor-made Bootcamp. Our Teal Bootcamp Teams is a series of workshops for participants from one or several teams within one organization.

Contact us for more information.

Upcoming Teal Bootcamps

The first Teal Bootcamp was held already in 2016 and the twenty-first cohort is underway! The next English Bootcamp is:

Teal Bootcamp #23 English, Online
(+ full day starting session in Helsinki)

The workshop dates are:

  • Friday 17.2. 9-16
  • Wednesday 1.3. 10-12
  • Wednesday 15.3. 10-12
  • Wednesday 29.3. 10-12
  • Wednesday 12.4. 10-12
  • Wednesday 26.4. 10-12
  • Wednesday 10.5. 10-12
  • Wednesday 24.5. 10-12
  • Wednesday 7.6. 10-12  (backup date)


What do previous Bootcamp participants say?

”At Sysart, we have been working towards self-organization for years. Prominda Bootcamp provided a great opportunity to spar and also question our own practices. We found a lot of answers to existing questions and several new ones. Big recommendation!”


Petri Mäenpää, CEO

”The support of Prominda (Jussi and Anu) on our journey towards Teal has been vital. For me, Teal Bootcamp provided an inspiring personal journey. The lessons learned helps to support the company’s journey in the twists and turns of Teal transformation.”


Tino Välimäki, Chief HR Officer

“Sparring one’s own thoughts among a diverse set of participants was rewarding. A lot of good ideas and practical action models were put in place to turn Teal thinking into action. ”


Olli Vistbacka, Development Manager

”Teal is a fascinating and inspiring way to think about leadership. The more inaugurated it is, the more natural it feels in the organization. Sparring was professional and thought-provoking.”


Maarit Hannula, CEO

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